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Flora of Camargue
Les Bois Flottés

Discover the flora of Camargue !

The richness and specificity of the Camargue vegetation comes from the double influence of water and salt. In fact, irrigation water softens the north of the delta while seawater introduced into the southern part for salt production increases the salinity of the soil. Under these conditions, halophilic plants are predominant since they adapt to salty environments. The most representative in the Camargue is salicornia: a small bush of green herbs. It is particularly fond of the salty soil of Lasansouïre and takes on various colours throughout the seasons: green in spring, grey in summer and rather red in winter. Its fleshy branches store water to reduce the salt concentration in its tissues. Salicornia is edible, it can be used as a condiment, macerated in vinegar or cooked like green beans, hence its nickname “sea bean”.

On less salty soils, very rich aquatic vegetation has become established. Saladella or sea lavender spreads in the form of a carpet and colours the pastures with its tender blue. Six varieties of salads are present in the Camargue. It rejects excess salt absorbed by its leaves. Just return them for proof. Few trees can withstand the salinity of the soil; tamarisk is found throughout the plain in the form of groves. The reed or “cane of Provence” grows on the edge of ponds and forms windbreak hedges due to its robustness. It rubs shoulders with yellow irises, water buttercups, broom and forget-me-nots.

When you are on vacation or decide to spend a stay in the Camargue at “Les Bois Flottés”, a campsite in the heart of the Camargue, you absolutely must try to discover the flora of this magnificent place.