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Les Bois Flottés

A rich natural heritage

The Camargue is a French natural region located on the edge of the Mediterranean Sea, in the Bouches du Rhône department and formed by the Rhône Delta.

It is a destination imbued with a rich cultural heritage. It offers visitors the opportunity to discover its unique identity and traditions, while preserving its exceptional nature. This land presents a captivating garden culture, a great diversity of flora and fauna, authentic gastronomy, authentic festivities and breathtaking landscapes.

In addition, the Camargue National Nature Reserve, a treasure of biodiversity, adds to this experience. During your stay at Camping des Bois Flottés, you will have the opportunity to discover this unique combination of culture and nature which characterizes the Camargue.

Observe the birds around the Camping “Les Bois Flottés” de Camargue

The Camargue is renowned for its ornithological wealth: more than 350 species of birds have been recorded there, sedentary or migratory. The Camargue, a wintering place for many species, is an area of international importance for migration.

Flora of Camargue

The richness and specificity of the Camargue vegetation comes from the double influence of water and salt. In fact, irrigation water softens the north of the delta while seawater introduced into the southern part for salt production increases the salinity of the soil.

Cultural Heritage

What to do in Camargue