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Observe the birds around the Camping
Les Bois Flottés

Camargue, birds’ heaven

The Camargue is renowned for its ornithological wealth: more than 350 species of birds have been recorded there, sedentary or migratory. The Camargue, a wintering place for many species, is an area of international importance for migration.

Covering an area of approximately 178,000 hectares, the Camargue is a vast wetland, a paradise for birds, ornithologists and nature photographers.

Located at the crossroads of Africa, Europe and the Mediterranean, the Camargue is a major migratory stopover for hundreds of thousands of birds each year. With more than 400 species of birds observed, including nearly 300 each year, the Camargue is a mecca for ornithology in France and Europe. It is also home to the only nesting place for pink flamingos in France.

The ecosystem is very vast. This is the first difficulty in determining where to observe birds in the Camargue. There are ponds, marshes, lagoons, sansouïres everywhere. The presence of birds is influenced by several elements including salt content and water level. A good knowledge of the biotopes greatly facilitates bird watching.